Process and products


Activity 1: Partnership building activity

Was implemented in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina from 30th October–6th of November 2015. We met 21 participants, from seven partner organizations who presented, analyzed and discussed problems of unemployed youth, and together we defined common needs (knowledge, skills and experiences) of youth workers, needed to resolve common unemployed youth problems in the local municipalities. This was used as a start point for work on Activity 2.

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Activity 2: Training Course

Was held in Novi Sad, Serbia from 12th–20th February 2016. We had 28 participants, from seven countries who received necessary and practical knowledge and skills related to new possibilities for youth self-employment, using methods of new creative media art (photography, video making, web marketing/designing, social networking). Participants were acquainted with skills necessary to organize their initiatives in the local , in the Activity 3.

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Activity 3: Participants initiatives

Participants’ initiatives, organized after the Training Course and before Evaluation, from March until June 2016. Participants organized in their local municipalities: new media art entrepreneurship initiatives - workshops and round tables on Employment, Entrepreneurship, Erasmus + possibilities for youth. Participants strengthened capacities of young people from the local municipalities using acquired creative methods (knowledge and skills) from the Training Course, Activity 2.

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Activity 4: Evaluation

Was held in Timisoara, Romania from 9th–13th of June 2016. On the Evaluation meeting were 14 participants - 2 legal representative participants per partner organization evaluated results of Activities 1, 2 and 3. This activity was also used for summarize all project results and for public presentation of the long-term project results, using new media art.

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