Daniel Balanescu

expert for multimedia art and educator

Born 1967, Filiasi, Dolj County, Romania. Education: 1998 - Master of Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, printing works section , professor Olga Birman-Sabau class. Works as multimedia artist and textile designer, and also is profesor of Textile Design, Printing Textle section, University of Art, Bucharest, Romenia. Member of the Fine Artists Union of Romania since 1998. His work has been shown both nationally and internationally on his personal and group exhibitions. Works in private collections: Romania, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, France, Canada, Israel, USA, KUWAIT.
He Lives and works in Bucarest, Romania.




Personale exhibitions:

  • 2007 Atittudes-Carturesti, Bucharest  (decorative panels-imprimerie)
  • 2001 25 years of metro, Bruxelles,  metro cards exhibitions
  • 1999 Cafe de la joie, Bucharest-  painting
  • 1998 Sala Radio, Bucharest –decorative panels, Gallery 5, Bucharest
  • 1997 - Fondul Plastic Gallery, Tirgu-Jiu  -painting, mixted tecnique, experimental art, decorative panels
  • Romanian Cultural Centre, Venice, decorative panels - printing
  • The Romanian Academy -Rome  decorative-panels, printing
  • The Romanian Cultural Centre Budapest –decorative panels-printing
  • 1996  - European Commissión Delegation , Bucharest
  • Art Club, Bucharest –graphics, painting


Group exhibitions:

  • 2009 Gallery 11- Blaue Stunde – Koln
  • Complesso Monumentale Belvedere di San Leucio-HUMAN RIGHTS
  • Dolmabahce Gallery (State Gallery) Istanbul, Turkey-Artists for Peace. 
  • 1st International Environment Art Symposium - Zero Zone "Gallikos River", Grecia –mixed technique
  • Lecce-Living Galerie-Body and soul –installation
  • Orizont gallery 2008 - Expo. Tugearu .
  • Columbia 2008 -"estonoesunagaleria"-Bogota – painting.
  • MALLNITZ, Austria 2007, modern art symposium – mixed technique .
  • nart-Cacak (paper and art) Serbia –mixed technique -installation
  • 2006 Metro Project rejected again, alter 10 years by Compania Metrorex
  • 2005 Make friends, no war – art gallery, Ripustus , Finland –painting
  • 2002 Henkel Austria –drawings on metro cards
  • 2001 "Mall" Free-Art Gallery, Bucureşti -painting
    Sala Dalles -  Expozitie de arta, Bucuresti – decorative panels
  • 2000 Galeria Apollo, Bucureşti –textile miniatutre
  • TIAV 2000, Bucuresti –painting
  • 1999 "Sacre in arts" - Fonduri de Arte Plastice Gallery, Tirgu-Jiu -painting
    County Museum Gorj
  • Studio 35, Bucharest: "Overshadoe between afect and efect" -painting
  • Romanian Peasant Museum, Bucharest installation decorative panels
    Studio 35, Craiova –painting
  • Art exhibition: "Casa Artelor", Bucharest –painting
  • Art exhibition Autumn - Fondul Plastic Gallery , Tirgu-Jiu
  • "Carols"-University Constantin Brancusi, Targu-Jiu-painting
  • 1997 – Romanian Cultural Centre, Paris –instalation- decorativ panels
    Fondul Plastic Gallery , Tirgu-Jiu –painting
  • 1995 The National Arts Museum, Bucharest - printing
  • 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998 Student Fest, Timisoara – mixted technique, experimental art
  • 1992, The National Theater, Luxemburg –aqua forte -engraving


Movie Production:
“The Drop”-Costume department-MediaPro Studios, 2004.
“Cerberus”-Art Department- MediaPro Studios, 2004.
“The Cave”, by Bruce Hunt, scenic painter-Art Department MediaPro Studios 2004.
“Gunpowder, Treason& Plot” by Gillies MacKinnon (scenic painter-Art and Costume Department), MediaPro Studios 2003.
“Modigliani”, Directed by Mick Davis, (scenic painter-Art Department) MediaPro Studios 2003.

Stage Design:
Students Theatre Festival-"Fool's Yard", director Mihai Sergei Todor, Tirgu-Mures
Studio of Medieval Art- "The Temptations of Hans"- medieval script, directors: Mihai Sergei Todor and Apostol Gabriel, Sighisoara