Training Course "Creative

youth self initiative"


The type of project:
Training Course, Action 3.1

Title of project
“Creative Youth Self Initiative“

From 1st to 9th April 2012, Novi Sad, Serbia

Training Course is about using creative methods and art for promoting the access of unemployed young people to the new ways of self employment.


About the Project

            Training Course is about using creative methods and art for promoting the access of unemployed young people to the new ways of self employment.

            On this Training Course participants will learn creative methods how to make practical, eco and art products from recycling materials (e.g. cardboard) collected from nature and urban areas and those products can be sold. Also, they will learn how to write projects and to activate youth to make and implement their initiatives. Participants will share knowledge and skills to unemployed youth who can be self-employed and profit on this way. Products will be presented at final exhibition during Training Course at a gallery in local community.


            Activities: collecting materials, drawing, art energizers, work on individual and group art/design, painting, art recycling, making cardboard furniture, contact with nature.


            Target group: people actively involved in work with unemployed young people (youth workers, youth leaders, play workers, NGO activists, school teachers, educators, social workers, volunteers and artists).



- to stimulate unemployed young people's mobility and active participation in local society.

- to stimulate young people's spirit of initiative, their ability to think imaginatively and originally.

- to promote the access of unemployed young people to the Youth in Action Programme.

- to raise young people's awareness and mobilization around global environmental challenges and climate change

- to encourage the development of "green" skills and behaviors among young people and youth workers and their commitment to a more sustainable growth.

- to increase awareness of the value and importance of volunteering as a form of active engagement and as a tool to develop and improve competences for personal, social and professional development.

- promotion of volunteering as a way of active social participation, and a way to acquire knowledge and skills useful for persons' professional development.

Working language:
English – all participants must be able to actively communicate using English language

Period of realization:
From 1st to 9th April 2012

Novi Sad, Serbia

Partner organizations:
(Two participants per organization)


100% for accommodation will be covered and 70% of travel cost (Apex tickets) will be reimbursed after receiving all original receipts after Training Course.

Support Foundation:

The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States of the European Union have agreed to establish the Youth in Action Programme, which puts into effect the legal framework to support non-formal learning activities for young people. It will run from 2007 to the end of 2013.

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